Roller blind
S 3710

  • Description

    Quadro S 3710
    Shaft at bottom

    Shaft at bottom Perfect mounting on the window casement, especially for computer workplaces or for greenhouse shading.
    Max. roller blind height is 2000 mm, on using thick fabric it is less.

  • Data and features

    well shaped, elegant cassette
    extruded aluminium profile, rear open for ventilation between glass and fabric

    measurements of small head box
    43 x 45 mm

    profile colours
    white 9016 or silver 9006, powder coated

    solid roller blind shaft
    extruded aluminium tube with special inner profile, diametre: 26 mm

    suitable bottom rod
    extruded aluminium profile with inserted bar, size: 10 x 23 mm

    operation side
    right or left, free of choice

    max. measurements
    1500 mm width x 2000 mm height, depending on the fabric
    cord drive: 1200 mm width x 1400 mm height

    quick mounting
    clip supports for a simple wall or ceiling mounting

  • Usage

    • cord drive integrated in the side guiding system (unvisible)
    • endcap of side guiding with cord deviation and safety roll
    • operating cord 1,5 mm diameter with pulling device
    • spring motor integrated in roller blind shaft
    • subsequently tensible from outside
    • stopping drapery by vertical cord guiding