The entire satisfaction of our customer at the highest level.

For more than 40 years now, we are lead by our achievement principle quality, efficiency and reliability. Being one of the worldwide leading supplier of indoor sun protection and shading systems, we are constantly surveying the market. Our orientation in this field are the demands and requirements of our customers.

A team of skilled experts as well as a functional, well prooved service system are at your disposal for all kinds of the wide ranged technical and creative requirements you may have. A modern structure of our customer advisory service is the most important condition for a long lasting satisfaction of our customers. With the personal advisory contact and a competent exchange of ideas and information, we lay the foundation for a durable and trusting partnership and collaboration.

Product quality at the highest level is our aim as a producer of sun protection and shading systems. Our shading systems are:

Flexible and adaptable
The many different types of sundrape® products make them applicable for any kind of use. A simple handling guarantees every comfort in operation you may wish. With our sundrape® products you are creating a decorative ambience in the field of modern interior design.

Variations for your planning and use
Different configurations offer a vast variety of solutions for the realisation of your ideas.

Perfect function for years
The high-grade, fully developed technique of our sundrape® products guarantees exceptional functionality and decades of working life.