Sundrape on R+T 2015

After 3 years of preparation it was once again time for R+T in Stuttgart.

For Sundrape it was the first time as an exhibitioner, our premiere was very successful.

Our booth team has spent five days with national and international customers. There were a lot of interesting conversations and we have introduced our new products and our further product plans.

The focus of our presentations was, next to our well-known products, our new products. Especially our innovations like “Smart home”, “Laser-Cut”, “Digital Print” and “Laser gravure” and also the “24-V-Pannell-system” were very interesting to our visitors.

Still a trend is our large area shading systems, like our 5072.

For our standard products like vertical blinds and roller blinds is still a big demand, particular for object uses.

Our involved team on our booth was very joyful about the great number of visitors.

Many thanks to all visitors who have taken some time to visit our booth at R+T 2015.

Your Sundrape Team

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Neue Anschrift – auch ohne Umzug!

Sundrape GmbH hat eine neue Anschrift!

Durch die Fusion der Samtgemeinde Bederkesa und der Stadt Langen ist die neue Stadt Geestland entstanden.

Dadurch hat sich unsere postalische Anschrift geändert:

Am Grasweg 4 – 6
27607 Geestland

Der Ort wird auch weiterhin Sievern heißen und Navigationssysteme werden sicher auch weiterhin die neue Stadt nicht kennen und die alte Anschrift verlangen:

Im Wiebusch 4-6
27607 Langen – Sievern

Bitte berücksichtigen Sie sowohl bei Anschreiben die neue, wie auch bei Anreisen / Besuchen die alte Anschrift.

Ihre Sundrape GmbH



Intense colours – intense light

FarbenOur sundrape® collection offers a wide range of uni-colours, part of them even in very strong shades.

Combined with neutral colours like white, light grey or beige, you can create harmonious colour effects.
The option to use the same drapery quality for different sundrape® products offers you a creative means of room design.

Intense colours are influencing the effect of light and thus also the atmosphere. With colours like for example orange or yellow, you are creating a warm and sunny impression, with blue or green, however, the effect will be cool and fresh.

The sundrape® collection

Whether you are looking for vertical blinds, roller blinds or panel curtains – the sundrape® collection offers a large variety of different draperies for any kind of use.

In many cases, the fabrics can be used for all kinds of sundrape® systems and therefore are offering many possibilities.

The clearly arranged drapery collection with its large technique chapter and carefully prepared order forms simplifies the choice of the sundrape® product that fits best for your requirements.

Sundrape® roller blind system Quadro

The sundrape® roller blind Quadro makes the difference: its aspect of shape alone is setting this elegant roller blind apart from the standard of many current products on the market. However, design is not its only significant feature, the sundrape® roller blind system Quadro offers a lot more: from small to big sizes – the dimensions of the product, of the head box, can ideally be customized to the dimensions of the finished windows.

Small windows – small head box. Large windows – large head box.

But this roller blind system shows an even wider range of applications: freely suspended draperies as well as a multitude of side guiding systems with their different functions and at the same time individual aspects, ranging from tension wire guiding, cover side guiding up to side guidings with brushes. The mounting may vary from mounting directly on the glass pane, on the casement, wall mounting, ceiling mounting – all mounting types are well covered and can be clipped quite simply.

You will find even more on „products/roller blind systems/roller blind system sundrape® Quadro“…