Product development

From the idea to serial production.

Concerning product development we only trust professionals. Such as the staff of our own technical construction department. The place where sundrape® components and systems are being developed – starting with an idea, doing the studies and tests up to fully developed serial production. The results are optimally fitting systems distinguished by innovative details, comfortable operation and durability. Exactly what sundrape® products stand for!

But not only the staff is first-class. The equipment also. We are working with most modern technique because perfect products can only be developed and manufactured with perfect tools. By CAD-systems and prototype construction it is possible to fit and adjust components and parts optimally as early as possible. A high standard of quality, durability and an optimized operating comfort of our products is the result of a permanent feed back and exchange of knowledge and findings between our purchasing experts, our production line and the customer’s service department.

The constant devolopment process and an outstanding courage for innovation are our mechanics. Our tool is to guarantee that our products are at any time at the highest level not only of current technique but also in shape and design. It is our high motivation to bring our products to a “state of the art”.