Plafond skylight
plafond skylight system 5077, electric control
Type 5877

  • Description

    Plafond skylight system
    65 WDT
    Type 5877

    • lateral straight rails
    • drapery qualities according to collection
    • width of rail max. 4500 mm, length of rail max. 14000 mm
    • fabric weight up to 300 g/m2
    • mounting horizontally or slightly sloped up to 10°
    • drapery rods inserted into drapery loops, distance appr. 600 mm
    • one-part drapery or two-part drapery without overlap
    • mounting position of motor vertically upwards, required space abt. 380 mm
    • drapery edge profile
  • Data and features

    width 32 mm, height 26 mm
    made of extruded aluminium AlMgSi 0.5 F22
    technically anodized as per E6/EV1 or white powder coated according to RAL 9016
    plastic parts optionally either white or light grey
    rail gear
    bith rails with rail gear and counter bearing, ballbeared motor with end position, right or left, free of choice shaft upwards
    Electric drive
    single phase AC synchronous motors, 45 WDT
    integrated end position switch which can be set from outside
    simply attachable to the rail gear by bayonet joint
    running speed 130 mm/s

    rated voltage 230 V 110 V
    rated consumption 45 W 45 W
    rated current 0,195 A 0,4 A
    frequency 50 Hz 60 Hz
    operating mode S3 50% S3 50%
    direction of rotation right+left right+left

    Suitable for dry areas only!

    Transportation tape
    toothed belt with special contour and coating constant length and resistant to wear very smooth and calm run
    Drive runner unit
    drive runner made of low-wear plastic with high grade steel traverse joint, safety clip, drapery rod holder made of polyacetale, fixed at traverse joint
    Drapery rods
    aluminium drapery rods for particularly even drop of the loops
    diametre 29 mm, plastic sealing ends, inserted into sewed drapery loops
    drapery rod holder made of polyacetale, fixed at heavy weight runner
    easy and quick mounting with locking bolt
    wall mounting with adjustable mounting angles
    in case of ceiling mounting consider required space upwards for motors
    Drapery edge
    wallward drapery end profile, aluminium, 20 x 4 mm, screwed, proper drapery end by means of velcro tape
  • Usage

    electro control via touch pushbutton switch or radio remote control; single control, group or central control