Curtain track
curtain track system 5060 electric control
Type 5960

  • Description

    1part drapery, manual control,
    Type 5960
    1part drapery

    • straight or single curved rail
    • bending radius minimal 350 mm
    • drapery qualities according to collection
    • length of rail up to 7 m, minimum 1 m
    • fabric weight 500 g/m 2
    • drapery weight max. 20 kg
  • Data and features

    width 32 mm, height 26 mm
    made of extruded aluminium AlMgSi 0.5 F22
    technically anodized as per E6/EV1 or white powder coated according to RAL 9016
    screwed plastic end caps on both sides
    plastic parts either white or grey
    rollers with turnable grommets and galvanized steel axle
    special running wheels guarantee a smooth run
    per rm of rail 10 rollers with clamping hook
    easy and quick mounting with locking bolt
    wall mounting with adjustable mounting angles
  • Usage

    operating rod fixed on first runner, fixing either reight or left