Special shading
Pyramid shading system 9000, electric control
Type 9110

  • Data and features

    Pyramid shading system
    Type 9110
    electric control, 10part

    • central electro motor with ball beared winding shaft for wire ropes
    • decagonal basic area, max. diametre 6000 mm
    • triangular drapery parts of same size on spring shaft
    • galvanized mounting supports
    • slope of drapery between 20° and 50°
  • Data and features

    Electro control
    AC tube motor 230V/50Hz/115 W
    rated load torque 10 Nm
    adjustable end position
    winding shaft for aluminium wire rope
    eye bolt with ceramic bush for wire guiding
    mounting flange diametre 180 mm
    wire rope diametre 1,2 mm
    Roller shaft
    spring shaft for drapery tension
    diametre 35 mm
    tractive power max. 25 N
    winding drive mounted centrally into the roof’s peak point per mounting flange
    roller blind supports screwed on the wall
    roller blind shafts installed in different heights
  • Usage

    electro control via touch pushbutton switch or radio remote control