Rope guided skylight
Rope guided skylight system 5072, electric control
Type 5072

  • Description

    Rope guided skylight system
    Type 5072
    electric control, 1part drapery

    • wire guided heat protection and lightshading system without rails
    • rectangular or trapezoid shapes
    • sloped mounting up to max. 10°
    • width of rail max. 4500 mm
    • length of rail max. 10000 mm
    • fabric weight 300 g/m2
    • alu tubes inserted in loops; distance appr. 500 mm
    • almost all components made of special steel or anodized aluminium
    • blinds up to 2500 mm width: 2 carrying wires; up to 4500 mm 4 carrying wires
  • Data and features

    Drive unit
    50 mm aluminium anodized tube with tube motor 230 V / 50 Hz / 120 W
    ball-bearing driving shaft
    driving roller set for wire transport
    fixing angles and plates of special steel
    transportation wire 2 mm diametre
    Tension wire elements
    flanged plates, bearing blocks, deflection roller and fixing elements made of special steel
    ball-bearing deflection roller
    carrying wire 3 mm, transparent, plastic covered,
    tension elements made of special steel
    Drive runner
    made of anodized aluminium
    pick-up for tracking tube 29 mm diametre
    ball-bearing support rolls
    Wire roller and hooker for plastic tracking tubes
    wire rollers with white plastic cover, galvanized steel axle
    hooker for plastic tracking tubes
    wall mounting of drive unit and flanged plates on suitable base
  • Usage

    electro control via touch/pushbutton switch or radio remote control; single control, group and central control