Roller blind
Type C 6180 with Headbox with side guiding

  • Description

    Type C 6180
    with Headbox with side guiding
    universal use: wall, ceiling or niche

  • Data and features

    Head box
    extruded aluminium, 2 parts
    measurements 42 x 42 mm

    Side guiding
    extruded aluminium, 2 parts, cover profile to clip; screws hidden
    measurements 37 x 14 mm. Also available as double sided side guide 74 x 14 mm for roller blinds mounted side by side in a row.

    Profile colours
    white RAL 9016 , powder coated
    E6/EV1 anodized

    Roller blind shaft
    aluminium circular tube, diameter 28 x 0,7 mm

    low potential tube motor, 24 V DC, inserted in the roller shaft in a twist-safe way; drapery weight max. 5,0 kg, end position fixing on the top and at the bottom with max. 40 motor rotations

    Bottom rail
    extruded aluminium rail, inserted in drapery seam; measurements 5,5 x 25 mm
    for foil draperies extruded aluminium rail, 1 part with bar; measurements 30 x 8mm

    Max. measurements
    width 1400 x height 3800 mm (depending on chosen fabric)

    Mounting possibilities
    back of the headbox screwed on wall resp. ceiling; cover profile to clip

  • Usage

    Electric control via pushbutton or radio remote control; single or in groups with central processing unit; or via brightness control