Roller blind
S 1310/S 3310

  • Description

    Quadro S 1310/S 3310
    blind with u-side-guiding

    Typ S 1310 with side pull operation
    Typ S 3310 with cord operation

  • Data and features

    well shaped, elegant cassette
    extruded aluminium profile, rear open for ventilation between glass and fabric

    measurements of small head box
    43 x 45 mm

    profile colours
    white 9016 or silver 9006, powder coated

    solid roller blind shaft
    extruded aluminium tube with special inner profile, diametre: 26 mm

    suitable bottom rod
    extruded aluminium profile with inserted flat bar,
    measurements: 10 x 23 mm

    operation side
    right or left, free of choice

    max. measurements
    1500 mm width x 2000 mm height (according to chosen fabric)
    cord drive: 1200 mm width x 1400 mm height

    quick mounting
    clip supports for a simple wall or ceiling mounting,
    clamp support for screwless mounting


    Details of the u-side-guiding at a reasonable price

    • 1part profile
    • chain holder self-adhesive
    • bottom rail side-guided
    • protection for fabric edges
    • lateral light leakage
    • not suitable for strong draught
    • to be used for vertical surfaces and tilted window casements
    • to be screwed to niches
    • extension for S1110
  • Usage

    Type 1310 side pull operation

    • ball chain or cord operation
    • integrated roll-down security device
    • maximum weight of fabric: 1,5 kg
    • continuous control with ball chain or cord
    • two locks for top and bottom final position of the fabric
    • screwed end caps at the bottom
    • chain holder

    Type 3310 cord operation

    • winding spindle inserted torsion- proof in roller blind shaft.
    • cord deviation with lock tube
    • operation cord 1,5 mm with pulling device
    • roll-down security device
    • continuous cord control (tilted handling: roll down/roll up)
    • stopping drapery by vertical cord guiding
    • weight of fabric: max. 1,0 kg