Sundrape® roller blind system Quadro

The sundrape® roller blind Quadro makes the difference: its aspect of shape alone is setting this elegant roller blind apart from the standard of many current products on the market. However, design is not its only significant feature, the sundrape® roller blind system Quadro offers a lot more: from small to big sizes – the dimensions of the product, of the head box, can ideally be customized to the dimensions of the finished windows.

Small windows – small head box. Large windows – large head box.

But this roller blind system shows an even wider range of applications: freely suspended draperies as well as a multitude of side guiding systems with their different functions and at the same time individual aspects, ranging from tension wire guiding, cover side guiding up to side guidings with brushes. The mounting may vary from mounting directly on the glass pane, on the casement, wall mounting, ceiling mounting – all mounting types are well covered and can be clipped quite simply.

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